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I have been recently asked by one of my friends to review a mobile movie app called Mediabox HD; an app that has gained considerable popularity among free movie app users. Mediabox HD functions on both android and ios mobile platforms and further you can run it on pc via an Emulator Program.

mediabox hd

To be honest, I am not that much into mobile movie apps because of my personal belief that movies are not very enjoyable on a mini screen. Never mind it is just an opinion and yours can be different.

However, Monotony drove me to give Mediabox HD ago, coupled with my friend’s request to write a review for his site. Here I share with you my experience and an unbiased review of the app.

It is up to you to try the app based on my observations and conclusion.Mediabox HD serves as a source of Movies and Tv series for audiences with varying levels of interests.

They can be either die-hard fans of some action-packed thrillers or ordinary people trying to relax their tired minds after a laborious day at work. For all kinds of folks, Mediabox HD is a rich platform offering HD quality video content completely free of charge.

MediaBox HD Download

mediabox hd download

The app provides streamable links to a vast library of movies and TV series, covering a wide array of genres such as action, adventure, comedy, horror, thriller, mystery, romance, etc. You can watch these movies and shows online or you are also given the option to download them for offline viewing at your leisure.

The app has a very pleasant and eye-catching interface,creating no confusion even for a first time user. The appearance is well complemented by smooth and lag-free navigation.

The tabs inside the app are well structured and organized. This appearance generates a likability towards the app, in contrast to some other free apps with awful appeals. When you first open the app, the Discover section shows up, this is where you can get a taste of the depth of Mediabox HD.

It is so because you can observe the scope of the app by going through media sections with different labels.If you don’t prefer English you can switch into other languages, and currently, the app supports over 25 different languages.

You also get subtitles for your movies and shows via popular subtitle databases like opensubtitles, subscene, popcorn time and native Mediabox HD.

MediaBox HD App Screen Shots

mediabox hd ios
mediabox hd android apk

The Mediabox HD has inbuilt video players and further, it supports the service of external players. In this platform, you can integrate Popular players like VLC, MX, and Exo. However, it is recommended to use the default media player as it is the optimally configured one.

If you ever come across a movie or a TV show that you can’t find due to its unavailability in the platform you can ask for it through a movie request section. This is dedicated to both movies and TV shows that you are unable to find in the app. The app has customizable options like theme selection, changing font color and size.

There is also an inbuilt parental control tool termed kid mode which operates as a filter. This tool can restrict what children can view such as adult content or age-inappropriate material. Thus you can allow your kids to interact with the app without any fear. Once enabled this tool will generate only child-friendly media.

Media Box HD VIP Features

The app has a premium subscription costing only a few dollars and once you are in you can benefit from priority support, early access to apps content, dedicated servers to stream movies and faster download speeds, you also get recognized in the community of Mediabox HD as an exclusive member.

Through premium membership, you can use up to 5 devices to access an account at the same time.  Most importantly if you go premium you are freed from all sorts of ads that appear on the app.

I read other sources relevant to Mediabox HD and got to know that Mediabox HD has become successful as a result of a dedicated developer community who do best to enhance the platform. They are also assisted by the fans who contribute to its progress.

Why Adds Play on this APP ?

There are only a few downsides I came across in the app. One of the troubles is ads. Well even if this app’s advertising framework is not relatively annoying compared to other free movie apps, ads are there to pester you in some way or the other.

This can be justified though because Mediabox doesn’t cost a dime for its streaming and downloading services, and you get a satisfactory experience out of them. The ads that pop up in the app are not intrusive or cause any discomfort when a particular media is playing.

Placing ads is reasonable because there is no other way the app can generate revenue for all its maintenance expenses. As there is no special sign up or registration process, except for some exclusive services, any movie or show can be played or downloaded without any obstruction.

Media Box HD Download from thirdparty appstore

You can download Mediabox HD latest version easily from thirdparty AppStore. If you are ios users download Mediabox HD for your iPhone or iPad from Appvalley. If you are an Android user download MediaBox HD apk version from Tutuapp. Both AppStore are really useful and safe. Download the latest apps and games free from here.

Exposing yet another minus point of Media box HD is the lack of streaming servers. It will be appreciable if more video streamable servers are incorporated into the platform. This is true for downloading as well. Apart from these minus points, there are also some other areas of the app that needs improvement.

For example, developers can provide more for users who purchase the premium version.  It doesn’t matter even if the customers are charged a couple of bucks more for the services because it is still better than paid apps costing huge amounts.

Mediabox HD also lacksa forum where users can interact with each other and exchange their ideas, interests, and passions. True that Mediabox HD is receptive to feedback via dedicated portals but the experience can be heightened if there is a system for users to interact. The app can also increase its customization options such as themes and colors.

CShare Latest Version Download

cshare download

According to the above-stated observations, you can paint a clear picture of the Mediabox HD app. My conclusive interpretation is that Media box HD deserves your attention because it delivers what is advertised and promoted, unlike some other nonsense free movie apps.

Free apps can be traps that ensnare you by giving all false impressions at first glance, but Mediabox HD stays true to the term ‘Free’. Considering every benefit it renders as a free movie app, Media box HD is a must-have movie tool.

Its downsides can easily be ignored as it offers almost perfect service. Since Mediabox HD is a third-party app, you have to download without Playstore or apple store support, Visit the below links to get the latest version of Mediabox HD.

Appvalley Download


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Users Smartphone devices are constantly trying to funnel them to their proprietary free services. But in a world of myriad formats, your official store may not fill all your needs. Appvalley Safe store can identify as only one user-friendly interface and a free version to download for an ios or Android. Here’s how to get started your device safety by using the app store after downloading and installing. According to its performance, this one will change the game which still continues since the modern world start.

If you downloaded this app store, it would act perfectly normal until it was reasonably confident that you’re a genuine mark. AppValley has been developed to work without requiring root access to your iPhone, iPad or Android as others did. This means it doesn’t flout any security rules. However, the easiest way around this remove any other substitutes which take your device into a store and it’s easy enough to reinstall App Valley safe store.

Appvalley Download Free


Appvalley File Info

File Size22MB
SupportiOS(iPhone, iPad), Mac

Apple and Android users have been put at risk again with increasing unofficial stores on the internet. When you install unauthorized apps usually Apple and Android have revoked the app certificate. Sometimes you will find this happening when you use modified apps. Of course, this is not only the case with strangers things but also the Play Store and Apple store have been making millions of unauthorized purchases of premium digital content.

The ios and Android remains one of the most secure consumer devices you can buy, there is a large part of the locked-down ecosystem of the official App Store. So, you cannot reach for the full-featured of it. If I told you about AppValley safe store can arrange all those within full security system. AppValley is using a different technique which has already famous in the world. It doesn’t allow us to steal data or gain control of the device to others. Superb behavior than other recent app stores could have enabled.

Appvalley Common FAQs

What is Appvalley app?

App valley is the popular third party appstore, it allows us to download Apps and Games free for iOS ( iPhone & iPad) & Mac devices.

Is Appvalley Safe?

Yes, appvalley is 100% safe application, No virus, No malware, No ads.

How To download Appvalley app for my iPhone?

It’s very easy, download appvalley latest version for iPhones from above direct download links.

What is Appvalley VIP?

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Movie box pro download

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There are loads of modified apps in the tutu store like Games, Social Medias, Entertainment, Business, education and plenty of other stuff to download. Tutuapp ios 12 series known as the latest released versions and fixed with more bugs. Which an alternative to the Apple store.

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